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It's A Cruel World And I Need Somewhere To Hide

But Time Goes By And You're Still On My Side

I am a single mom of the most beautimous little girl, Marcella.
I love to read RPS; especially Monaboyd and DomBilLijah. I beta for many talented authors on www.charactersinbloom.com .
I was an active member of WilWheaton.net's awesome community, but it has since gone away. I now reside at it's daughter site, TehSoapbox.net.
I love to read, watch movies, do crafts, and anything pertaining to ghosts.
I am also, probably unhealthily, obsessed with Dominic Monaghan. If I ever met him I should think I would die.
I have an Icon Journal now! Head over to my LJ at slashys_icons for a look at my new stuff, and all my crediting is in the userinfo! *hugs tuts tight*
Thanks to Meg who helped me with my layout! She did the codes, I moved stuff around.. Coolness! I made the header and side pics and icons; thanks to those who took/provided photos!

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keane is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Keane is Love

Thanks to lj user EBONIORCHID for the Keane colorbar!

Credit to broksgurl717 for Charlie Moodtheme! Thanks!

No smoking around slashysunshine. Thankyou for your co-operation.


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