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It's A Cruel World And I Need Somewhere To Hide [entries|friends|calendar]

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i love you still [09 Feb 2014|05:38pm]
<3 some ways to find me:


Anyway, working on some tiles...
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blahblah [17 Feb 2013|12:06pm]
SHINee's Korean comeback is this week.

Onew is so cute, I can't even stand it!
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I hate spammers. [04 May 2007|10:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

pics under the cut!Collapse )

Tired. [04 Feb 2007|10:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm exhausted. Classes are insane but I love them. SAB (Student Advisory Board) is awesome (I made VP and I am in charge of Information Technology and Publications) but time-consuming. I spend tons of time in meetings, at Conferences, etc...not to mention I changed my major to Commercial Graphics. Soooooo, yeah.


Must write psych paper.

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They Were Right; I AM A Pagan! [01 Jul 2006|01:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with QuizFarm.com
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THIS IS SO ME!!! *screams with laughter* [28 Jun 2006|10:40pm]

According to experts, my personality type is :
Border Line Psycho Killer
Ink Blot Personality TestOther people like me display these traits.
  • They sometimes pick their nose
  • They are geeks
  • They have 6 fingers on each hand
  • They have webbed feet
  • Take the Ink Blot Personality Quiz at JokesUnlimited.com
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    Whoops! [16 Apr 2006|08:45am]
    [ mood | bitchy ]

    I posted an entry when I was alerted by someone about an ad.

    Thanks to someone who knew right where to look, they found on a messageboard that others had fallen for the same thing.

    So, no, Breyers doesn't use kiddie porn in their ads, but someone does hava sick sense of humour.

    I'll keep the comment below as is b/c I don't think he should be silenced or cencored.

    So, whats up?

    Mel... I need a new layout!

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    Woe. [31 Jan 2006|07:15am]
    [ mood | grumpy ]

    I missed the People Mag with Dom in it!

    I NEED AWESOME SCANS!!! *cries*

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    Lions! [10 Jan 2006|01:10pm]
    It's so odd.. I had a terrifying dream that I was being stalked by a Lion a few nights ago. I remember that we were swimming in the lake and there were 4 of us. I asked the lion which one it was waiting for, and he pointed to Peter. I have no idea who Peter is...Then it turns out that Peter was dead floating in the lake, so I pushed him forwards as an offering, and as he ate him, we made our escape. Then I called the Lion Aslan. O_o I haven't even seen the movie yet! I did read the books but didn't like them. Anyway, I was reading yahoo, and this pops up:

    Wait til I tell them at work! I was totally freaking out about the dream and now it's a reality in Africa.
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    OMG. What The Hell Is Going On In The World???? [08 Dec 2005|03:30pm]
    [ mood | pissed off ]


    Public comments are now being accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its newly proposed federal regulation regarding the testing of chemicals and pesticides on human subjects. On August 2, 2005, Congress had mandated the EPA create a rule that permanently bans chemical testing on pregnant women and children, without exception. But the EPA's newly proposed rule, is ridden with exceptions where chemical studies may be performed on children in certain situations like the following:

    1. Children who "cannot be reasonably consulted," such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns, may be tested on. With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.
    2. Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.
    3. Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S. are acceptable.


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    Holy Crap, BOB! [25 Oct 2005|10:02pm]
    [ mood | giddy ]

    you are a fucking god!  I cannot believe your animation..... I love it! You have so made my day! 


    Wow.  Just. Fucking.Wow.  I am SO proud of you!


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    Poor Josh Holloway! [13 Oct 2005|02:33pm]
    [ mood | shocked ]


    Lost' Actor, Wife Robbed at Gunpoint
    Thursday October 13 7:36 AM ET

    Josh Holloway and his wife reportedly were robbed at gunpoint in their home. There was no indication that the robber recognized the 36-year-old actor, who plays hunky con man Sawyer on the ABC castaway drama "Lost," television station KHON reported.

    The robber rousted the couple from bed early Wednesday, took cash and credit cards and drove off in Holloway's Mercedes-Benz, which was found abandoned a short time later, the station said.

    Honolulu police would not release any information on the robbery.

    Holloway's agent did not immediately return a call to her Los Angeles office.


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    Proof that LOTR WAS Real! [12 Oct 2005|11:01pm]
    [ mood | ecstatic ]

    I've been telling ya'll....






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    It's Good, It's Bad, It's a Normal Day. Plus Keane Review. [27 Sep 2005|11:50pm]
    [ mood | tired ]

    Today I officially filed for Child support. It was emotionally draining. I've been crying all day because of all the stuff I went through. Plus, Cella has an infection in her kidneys or bladder. MOre tests may be needed. Now she's throwing up. Which means no school for either of us tomorrow. Suck.

    I had a math test. I've been failing the homework b/c I missed last Tuesday b/c of the Keane gig, but I'm fairly sure I aced the test! I studied for 5 days!

    I just got a message from my bud, John from the UK. He came to Atlanta to see the gig last week.... Anyhow, he is sending me all sorts of good stuff including TIM's SWEATY TOWEL HE THREW AT HIM! *meep*

    I'm gonna die, that's the best news ever!

    So Keane.

    Last week I was a woman on a mission. My duty: To bring along a Piggy Bank to pass along to Keane. The problem. Finding one that wasn't glass or more than a couple bucks.

    At the thrid store, Stephen and I found one. It was smallish, pink, plastic, and two bucks. Sweet.

    Why did I need a piggy bank? B/c it's an inside boardie joke, okay? Geesh. Nosy.

    ANyhow, I had a card for them, and had alot of fans sign it at the gig, Tim's bday card from back in June, I wore a birthday hat celebrating Rich's bday (everyone else chickened out), the bank, and a halloween bucket full of Almond joys and Mounds (another joke that you'd get if you loved..obsessed...no, loved Keane such as I do. Of course I threw in some apples, for health. Next, was a set of pink foam curlers for Tom's hair. People had been commenting about how it looked like the stylists had flat ironed it, so I came with the "Quintessential Jeannette Gag Gift" lol. I forgot to ask them about teh Woolite, though.

    Anyhow, we arrived in Atlanta after a 4 hour drive, and Brandy, April, Stephen and I paid $20 to park in the venue's parking lot. Stupid... I'm payng all sorts of money for the ticket, darnit! Anyway, we got there and ran into Trudy and what's her name form the Myrtle Bach gig. We all recognised each other right away and were very happy to see each other. They live in California and just travel and follow the band places, BTW. About 80 miles into the trip I realised I forgot my camera, but that was okay. April had one, and they never allow cameras in the venue so whatever.

    We started walking to Hard Rock, when Lee called me on my cell. Lee is very adorable and extremely sweet. All the girls on the board are in love with him. I just want to hug the kid over and over. So, they parked (he and his bud, Mike.. Matt came last time, remember?)and walked up to meet us. Lee suprised the hell outta me when I saw him in a pinkish purplish shirt, and he gave me a hug. He's so cute, ya'll! Anyhow.

    We have no idea where we are going,a s I am horrible with directions, yet I was leader. Poor poor people. Finally I asked some guy on the street,a nd he told me how to get there. It was basically the long way round, but I was happy! I bugged Lee forever and we both were so excited to be there. I, of course, was bouncing off the walls, and he was reserved (stupid boys), and I'm sure my friends were quite embarrassed. I think Lee warned Mike about me beforehand though, b/c he didn't seem so scared! LOL!

    So, FINALLY, my posse and I were joined by Julie, Mary and her man, David, Monica, Emily, Andrea, and rounding out the group was Jill and John. John came all the way from ENGLAND!!! WOW!!!!!

    I think I scared everyone by hugging everyone on sight. I couldn't help it! The whole place was just full of love and friends. Beautiful.

    So we ate, and paid the bill (which the waitress was shorted $14.00 or something, and I had given her an extra TEN... WTF???? John and Stephen I think paid for the difference... such nice people). We walked over to the venue where there was already a substantial line in front of the ticket office. We had our confirmation numbers to get our early entry wristbands and tix, and Janel was 1st in line! I was so happy to see her! I had my Keane Posse buttons on that she made us, and I was good to go!

    We were escorted to a door, and finally let in, but we were told to wait b/c The Long Winters were still soundchecking. Oh yeah, I was pimping TLW the whole time in the resturaunt.. I made Lee and Mike listen to them on my iPOd, LOL! Anyway. Lee had to potty, but then we were let in right as he went to the bathroom, so I yelled "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs,a nd that kid bolted up the stairs! My buds and I ran the whole way to the front, and I stood next to a woman who looked very nice and cordial. I watched her jacket for her while she got some water, and Lee went potty.. when he came back I yelled at him for getting in this woman's spot! LOL! He moved over a bit and when she got back I told her how I saved it from evil Lee! LOL!After a few minutes, she asked me, "Are you Jeannette?" *blink blink*

    "Why, yes I am."

    HOW did this woman know who I was?

    To be continued, b/c DCFC will be on Conan in a few moments!

    Plus, I'm fucking tired.

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    If You Are Looking For Someone Who Was Affected By Katrina [01 Sep 2005|08:34am]
    [ mood | numb ]

    A fellow forum member posted this:

    InfoCollapse )

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    Child Militia in the US?!?!??!?! [25 Aug 2005|09:26pm]
    [ mood | shocked ]

    Now that I have your attention, it would be who of you to follw the link.


    I'd have paraphrased it but Jon's so awesome I just linked it.

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    Brokeback Mountain PicSpam! [12 Aug 2005|09:56pm]
    [ mood | enthralled ]

    So putting that article up really made me want to find some more pics from the movie... The ones they have now supersuck!

    We're off to see the hotties!Collapse )

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    Jim Kelly's Son Died. [09 Aug 2005|09:45pm]
    [ mood | rushed ]


    Wow. I remember when he was diagnosed with Krabbe disease.. The whole community was upset. He's finally at rest.

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    Do You Know What's Brilliant? [08 Aug 2005|08:38pm]
    [ mood | hyper ]

    I'll TELL you what's brilliant!

    The real Fred and George Weasley are my age! Born April 1st 1978! In fact, they are OLDER than I! So which one should I marry? i wonder if they are as cute as the actors that play them? Hmmm?

    No, I'm NOT delusional!

    I just need sleep! ;D

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    I'm Your Pimp, Bitch! *bitchslap* [07 Aug 2005|12:30am]
    [ mood | rushed ]

    I love Harry Potter!  I love cute boys! I love Slash!  I love KEANE!  Here's a few communities that I would like to pimp tonight!

    A new Keane community

    Claim your celebrity!  I own Dave McCabe!

    Needs members who like Oliver and James Phelps, who play Fred and George Weasley in HP.  So adorable!

    A great place for the R/Hr shippers to hang out.  Or Heron.  Or HeRmiONe.  Pick a ship name and join!

    Of course, you can check out my userinfo to see all the places I belong to, as they are fully endorsed by me.  But these are the places I either just joined and/or frequent lately.


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